$20 NYC-to-LA-delivered pizza? Believe it

$20 NYC-to-LA-delivered pizza? Believe it

JetBlue has partnered with New York City's East Harlem pizzeria, Patsy's, to deliver 350 pizzas per day to New York City pizza-starved residents in L.A. In fact, JetBlue said it will accomplish this feat of fantastical foodborne flight at a cost of under $20 a pie for either a plain cheese ($12) or pepperoni ($15) pizza.

The airline and pizzeria have also made a "how-to" video, featuring actor/director Spike Lee to show West Coasters the proper way to eat a New York pizza. 

But the whole promotion is only for three days — May 9 through May 11 —  and only available for specific Los Angeles zip codes. Those areas and the coast-to-coast pie flights can be "booked" on the "jetblue.pizza" website. You can even follow a pizza tracker to see when the dough hits the asphalt, so to speak. 

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