Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie [infographic]

| by Brenda Rick Smith
Get a Bigger Piece of the Pie [infographic]

Let me tell you something that you already know is true: more than 90 percent of smartphone users report never being more than two feet away from their device at any given time.

You know it's true because you're probably a smartphone owner yourself, and you know how you use your device. Smartphones have become our all-in-one Swiss Army knife. We use these versatile tools to do just about everything: navigate to a destination, search for a quick answer to a question, research a product or service, entertain, connect with family.

So why wouldn't you use your mobile device to order up some grub from your favorite restaurant?

Online ordering, and mobile ordering in particular, is no longer simply a nice add-on for consumers, it's an expectation.

Purveyors of pizza – a favorite of hungry Americans – have led the way in online food ordering. Big brands in particular have achieved significant success with their online ordering platforms, with several reporting sales through digital channels north of 40 percent.

Independent and regional pizza chains risk getting left behind by not offering online or mobile ordering. This infographic will help operators drill down into the opportunities for mobile ordering.

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