Webinar: How to give your brand an online makeover

Webinar: How to give your brand an online makeover

You can deliver the best food and service on the planet inside your restaurants' four walls, but if your customers' mobile ordering experience via your website or app does not live up to that, you are losing sales. A free June 26 webinar, at 2 p.m.. Eastern time — Online Brand Makeover: Winning the Restaurant Delivery Race—will guide you through the process of giving your brand an online make-over. 

The hour-long discussion features the expertise of pizza delivery POS developer, Speedline, and the company's blogger and Marketing Manager Jennifer Wiebe. She will show participants how to: 

  • Use your online ordering site to pull in more sales.
  • Avoid three common mistakes that drive customers to your competitor.  
  • Evaluate online ordering offerings.
  • Build in sales-driving design features into your ordering site.
  • Understand how technology affects customers'ordering habits and expectations.

For further information and to register, please just click here. 

Topics: Business Strategy and Profitability, Marketing / Branding / Promotion, Online / Mobile / Social, Online Ordering

Companies: SpeedLine POS

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